Trusting Oakland Township Seniors Taken for Over $375,000.

It is a common story – senior citizens taken by con artists. “Befriended, then betrayed” reads one newspaper headline. A trusting Oakland Township couple has lost at least $375,000, taken by criminals they met in downtown Rochester shops.

Lori Abbott-McArthur, aka Lourdes, Convicted Felon - Embezzlement from a Vulnerable Adult , worked out of a now closed shop at 431 Main St Rochester.  Criminal History Record
Andreas J Trelenberg, Convicted Felon - Fraud, Burglary, runs The Green Earth Man shop at 412 Water St Rochester.  Criminal History Record 
Lyndsay Miller, Convicted Felon - Forgery & Counterfeiting assisted Ms. Abbott, presenting themselves as mother and daughter. Criminal History Record 
Known Connections Between the Criminals  Documentation, Links between Criminals 
Just who got what is confused, but all of these criminals benefited from the elderly victims.
*John Toth is not known to have a criminal record. Bank transfers of $35,660 went to him.
It has been suggested that John may have just been just foolish, allowing the criminals to use his bank account.
 Lori, Lyndsay, and Andreas are all convicted felons.

Articles in The Flint Journal describe how these criminals operate, what Lori and her sister were doing in 2003; Newspaper Articles

Lori Abbott ... sent to prison for 20-30 months ... sisters took turns socializing with Mrs. H [age 94], taking her to casinos, dinners, a family wedding. Within months, they had taken nearly $100,000
 (Flint Journal 1/10/2004, 7/17/2003, 1/17/2003)

After prison, Lori moved to Rochester. She used the name Lourdes. She took up with Andreas and other convicted felons.

Lori Abbott  socialized with the victims. The criminals took Mrs. X on a trip to Washington DC.
Mr. X, age 83, had penis implant surgery (see medical records).  He boasted that "Lori likes sex with older men."

Soon Lori was living in their house, driving their cars, using their credit cards. She gained access to their bank accounts.

Lori Abbott moved out of Michigan. There were warrants for her arrest in this state.

We'll refer to the victims as "Mr. X" and "Mrs. X" or "The Seniors".  Their name is not important.  We need not shame them.

Lori Abbott (left) and Mrs. X (in wheelchair) traveled together to Washington DC for the January 2009 inauguration festivities (Photos from Mrs. X's album)

The Senior's home was mortgaged for $100,000. Bank Statements
Mrs. X signed off $105,000 of her retirement account as collateral for another loan.
Their Merrill Lynch account manager prepared a report summarizing;
$305,117 -- Withdrawals from his IRA
$129,100 -- Withdrawals from her account
Their bank called the Michigan Department of Human Services to investigate.
Mr. X's doctor wrote of  Medical 
"degenerative vascular brain disease often seen in the elderly ... patient is intellectually and emotionally impaired".
Judge O'Brien, Michigan 6th Circuit Court Family Division, found Mr. X
"unable to manage his property and business affairs effectively due to mental deficiency and physical illness or disability."
Mrs. X is partially paralyzed from a stroke. She would pretend not to listen, when her husband explained to visitors that;
"In many cultures it is quite normal for a man to keep a wife and a mistress in the same house."

When Mr. X's son warned one of the criminals to stay away, the criminal brazenly distressed the feeble seniors. With the convicted felon at his side, the infirm old man, recovering from heart surgery, was put on the phone to shout at his son that he would call the police and have his son put in jail, if the son slandered dad's girlfriend. The criminal's action seems typical of what is described in an article available on-line at:
"A predator strikes up a relationship, often romantic, with an elderly person. Gradually, the con artist alienates the older person from his or her family, convincing the senior that "they're just after your money". But money is in fact the predator's real target. ... these malicious folks take control of retirees' finances or induce seniors to give them money and assets, sometimes leaving their victims penniless."
Lori sought to plant ideas in the feeble. When Mr. X was hospitalized after a fall, a letter was found with the suggestive note, Correspondence Intercepted
"I hope somebody didn't kick hurt you ..."
Eventually a Protective Order from the court was obtained giving Mr. X's son charge of his assets. The Sheriff's Department is studying the case, but the victim's forgetfulness and cooperation with the criminals, makes prosecution difficult.

Documents Available  


Lori Abbott     Michigan State Police Criminal History Report   
  Convicted Felon - Embezzlement from a Vulnerable Adult
  Other Names Used: Lourdes, Abbott-Miller, Abbott-McArthur
Andreas Trelenberg   Michigan State Police Criminal History   
  Convicted Felon - Fraud, Burglary
  Other Names Used: Andy, Andrew
Lyndsay Miller   Michigan State Police Criminal History Report  
  Convicted Felon - Forgery & Counterfeiting
  Other Names Used: Linnzi
Flint Journal, The   Newspaper Articles  
  - Sisters charged with bilking woman, 94, out of $76,000
- Befriended, then betrayed Elderly victim of thieving sisters

John Toth   Another Accomplice, or another trusting fool?   
  Recipient of $35,660 transferred from senior's accounts
Business connections with both Lori Abbott and another convicted felon.
Senior's Condition   Medical Records  
  Senility & Penis Implant Surgery at age 83
Bank Statements, Letters   Financial Records  
  How the Senior's assets were looted
Black Widow   On-line Article in MSN Money Magazine  
  Con artists preying upon the elderly, how they operate
Correspondence Intercepted   Such nice people  
   Lori accomplices, Kicked
Bad Pics   Pictures speak a thousand words, rumored tasteless remarks  
More to come     May eventually have enough material for a book  

The material presented here has been carefully reviewed.
Family of Mr. and Mrs. X, The Seniors, can be contacted at
We are promoting community awareness, hoping to save others from such predations.
If you have information to share, please contact us. It is unlikely that Mr. & Mrs. X are the only vulnerable seniors in Rochester being taken by these criminals. Victims are often embarrassed and reluctant to report incidents.

The facts stated herein can be checked in the public sources cited, supported by financial and medical records, and attested to by multiple witnesses. We can assist anyone needing verification of this information.

All statements of fact are supported by good cause to believe they are true.

Please help share this information with all who might help the more vulnerable seniors in our community.
I am not directly signing this letter. Write the email address above and I will identify myself and communicate freely with anyone of good intentions.
My father and step-mother, the victims identified as Mr. and Mrs. X in the attached, were once significant personages in this town. To identify myself is to identify and shame them.
My mother, who had sense enough to divorce Mr. X decades ago, has long been active in civic affairs and is well known. She has nothing to do with this lunacy, but such things frequently get confused.
There is no good reason to publicise the family name of the victims, which I would be doing if I signed this.
I will be happy to openly communicate with anyone needing more information, seeking to promote the welfare of the more vulnerable members of our community.

'All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing'